NAPOLEON is the behind-the-scenes story of the Corsican commoner who rose from nothing to become Emperor of France. Told through the eyes of Talleyrand, the political mastermind who latched onto the young Napoleon’s rising star and placed him on the throne of an empire vaster than Rome, the drama unfolds as a clash of titanic wills. Talleyrand thinks he can manage the extraordinary man he’s grooming for greatness. What he isn’t prepared for is Napoleon’s sheer force of character - and his obsession with Josephine. In the battle to come, Napoleon and Josephine will play out one of the world’s most iconic love stories, while Talleyrand will emerge as the devil incarnate.


Book and Score are available in two versions, for both intimate and large venues.

Intimate: Cast (15 members) / Score (Band of 5)
Large: Cast (15+ members) / Score (Orchestra - scalable)

Show Bio

NAPOLEON has had 7 productions in 4 languages since premiering in 1994. With each production, the authors have developed and revised it, with its current version being a complete re-imagining of the show that premiered in Toronto and played in London’s West End in 2000.

Now “an audacious spin on history that makes for thrilling drama,” (Theater Mania, New York) NAPOLEON has a central conceit similar to AMADEUS, in which the story of a well-known public figure is told through the eyes of a complex, lesser-known character with deep, dark secrets. That character is Talleyrand, the Machiavellian politician whose influence helped make and break an emperor.

The new version debuted at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2015 and has continued to evolve through subsequent productions.


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“An audacious spin on history that makes for thrilling drama.”

– Theater Mania, New York

Napoleon is riveting, compelling, deeply moving and thoroughly enjoyable. It is altogether splendid. Run don’t walk to get your tickets... I pray the theater gods will smile and grant Napoleon an open-ended run.”

– Theaterpizzazz.com, New York

“What truly distinguishes this stunning musical from the rest is its phenomenal, operatic score, triumphant and celebratory and yet intimate at the same time, and often sounding as though it is performed by an ensemble twice the size. Napoleon is first and foremost an emotional experience, one that — even if you know the whole history — will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Its frequent moments of cruelty and of cynicism merge expertly with an energizing, uplifting sense of progress and jubilation, capturing the complexity of Napoleon’s reign and his legacy.”

– Charged FM, New York

“The musical Napoleon delicately and powerfully tells the story of Napoleon’s love, success, ambition, and conflict. It is truly a work that depicts in detail the curves of life that one could face as a human being... To say the power of the music is truly amazing is not enough. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a ‘masterpiece’ created by world-renowned composer, Timothy Williams.”

– Art Insight, Seoul, South Korea

“I had no time to catch my breath for three hours. Because it is a historical story, the limitations that can only be solved through narrative were cleverly overcome through love and conflict. Napoleon’s music is flawless, sophisticated, and gorgeous.”

– Kim Hyeong-seok (renowned South Korean composer, lyricist and producer), News Culture Press, Seoul, South Korea